Your toolmaker KOPP Schleiftechnik manufactures cutting tools for milling and
drilling, inserts and customised tools that are all a pleasure to use.
Let us delight you with real quality "made by KOPP".

Toolmakers KOPP Schleiftechnik: Cutting tools for milling and drilling and individually customised tools

The goal of the experienced toolmakers KOPP Schleiftechnik is to perform metal cutting more economically and precisely. With our services you can improve the downtime of your tools, sink their production costs and optimise your processes.


Sonderbohrer & Fräser - Kopp Schleiftechnik

Precise and durable cutting tools and individually customised tools

You want to have cutting tools with outstanding precision and durability? Also for individual applications? KOPP Schleiftechnik provides powerful tools for milling and drilling. Our customers recognise real  "KOPP quality". We manufacture standard versions of drills and milling cutters and XXL- and micro-variants. You can also have tools individually ground for you. The special tools are made from high-quality materials and exactly tailored for your specific application. Top-quality inserts, including custom-profile inserts, are also part of our tool manufacturing. With our additional services package we can continuously improve the diverse machining processes of our customers.

Please contact us with any questions about cutting tools, individually customised tools and, of course, our services.